Chronic Watery Eyes: Causes and Treatment Suggested by Optometrist

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Our eyes suffer from different eye diseases based upon our health, visual issues, and caring considerations. One such issue is watery eyes which is also called Epiphora. While occasional water in the eyes is normal if it happens consistently, then there is a need to diagnose the issue. If you feel this problem in your eyes, then you must immediately visit the eye clinic Calgary near you. 

What is Epiphora? 

A watery effect in your eyes, that makes them uncomfortable and bothersome, causes excess tearing and discomfort, this situation is called Epiphora. From children to adults and old people, anyone can suffer from this eye issue. 

Understanding Chronic Watery Eyes 

When there is an imbalance in the production and drainage of tears, then you suffer from chronic watery eye problems. Tears are normally produced by the lacrimal glands and emptied into the nasal cavity through the tear ducts. Tears are necessary for maintaining eye moisture and protection. However, excessive tear production or obstructed or ineffective tear drainage causes watery eyes.

Here now we will dwell on what are the causes and effective treatment for the watery eyes. So, let’s take a look: 

Causes of Chronic Watery Eyes 

  1. Allergies 

Various kinds of allergies that occur from pollen, dust, pet dander, or other environmental factors can irritate the eyes and can lead to watering of the eyes. 

  1. Pink Eye 

is another cause of the watery issue in the eyes. This occurs due to bacterial and viral infections. Normally eyes also get red or pink when this problem occurs. 

  1. Eyelid Problems  

Sometimes the ectropion issue (the outward turning of the eyelid) and the entropion issue (the inward turning of the eyelid) can disrupt the eyelid and can cause eyes to tear very often. 

  1. Dry Eyes 

Sometimes your body does not have the right balance of water, oils, and mucus and due to that you can suffer from dry eyes as well. Most of the time the dry eye issue leads to watery eye issues. 

  1. Scratch on the eyes 

There might be times you get scratch in your lenses and when you put them, there would be a great irritation in your eyes that would cause your eyes to tear and sometimes your eyes also get red. 

Treatment Approaches 

  1. Take necessary medications 

The first thing one can do is to visit the concerned optometrist and get the necessary medication. As eye drops, sometimes eye drops are most effective in alleviating the effect of teary eyes, reducing inflammation, and managing allergies. 

  1. Eye Exams 

Don’t skip out on getting your eyes examined regularly. Not only from the Epiphora problem, your eyes would be saved from several other eye diseases as well when you get your eyes checked at intervals. 

  1. Tear Duct Probing 

Tear Duct probing is another process that is followed by optometrists to treat watery eyes. It clears the blockage and restores normal tear drainage. 

  1. Warm Compress 

A warm compression treatment is also given to the eyes that face consistent tearing issues. This treatment addresses the blocked tear ducts and improves tear quality. 

  1.  Punctal Plugs

Optometrists recommend punctual plugs to block the tear drainage temporarily, allowing the eyes to retain the tear and maintain moisture. 

In Summary

In the end, we can say, that if any person feels that he or she is suffering from a chronic watery eye issue, then they must seek expert consultation and treatment from the best eye clinic Calgary. Early care and disease treatment can only alleviate the reasons for the problem and can help you regain your eye health. Talk to the topmost eye care specialists at Eye Care Clinic in Calgary.