Age and Eye Health: How Does Aging Affect Eyesight?

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The older we get, the more our eyesight changes. The way our age impacts our mental and physical health, in a similar way, our vision also gets affected ranging from subtle change to the sight threatening. It’s crucial that we get our eyes health diagnosed by eye clinic Calgary experts regularly so as to take preventive measures regarding any of the eye issues we face. 

There are myriad eye health changes that we encounter while we age but those can be treated as well conveniently, such as dulled color perception, reduced tear production, increased lightning needs, Presbyopia, Heightened Glare sensitivity, etc. Here in this blog, we will discuss how age brings changes to our eye health with the passing of time. So, let’s have a look. 

Eye Clinic Calgary
  1. Presbyopia 

Presbyopia is a common eye problem that occurs usually after 35 with which you feel troubled reading fine print. This makes the close-up activities like reading, and sewing more challenging. This problem can be cured when you use contact lenses or eyeglasses specifically designed for these. Plus, one can also use several eye drop medicines that are made to treat this eye issue. 

  1. Dry Eyes 

Older adults usually suffer from this problem which is called dry eyes. This is the uncomfortable problem that is usually seen among women when they have gone through menopause. So, always go to your eye health expert to know about why the problem occurred and what are the prospective treatments for these. 

  1. Red or Swollen Eyelids 

The red or swollen eyelids are a situation of Blepharitis which is also called inflammation of the eyelid. This kind of eye problem usually arises due to hormonal changes as we age. The main symptoms of this eye issue are crust around the eyelashes or soreness. 

  1. Flashes of light 

Some people also see the problem of light flashes occurring in their vision which is also a sign of aging. These flashes happen when the vitreous rubs or pulls on the retina. These sudden flashes mean that your eye retina has torn or detached. This is one of the serious eye problems that your ophthalmologist must treat quickly to prevent blindness. 

  1. Cataracts 

Cataracts are the cloudy area in the lens of your eye that distorts the vision as we get older. Over time, this eye issue gets intense when the cloud patches become bigger and cause blurry, misty vision that leads to blindness. 

  1. Diabetic Eye Disease 

Diabetic eye disease is the leading cause of vision loss among people who are aging. When the blood sugar level rises up, it damages the blood vessels in the retina and distorts vision. This type of eye problem can be treated with laser treatment which will help in growing new blood vessels in the retina leading to eye vision improvement. 

Concluding Thoughts 

So, these are some of the common eye health issues that emerge as people age. Therefore, it’s important for individuals to visit the best eye clinic Calgary to get their eye problems treated correctly. More importantly, it is also crucial for people that they should undertake eye exams regularly to know about their eye health and manage it earlier. If you are looking for the topmost eye clinic, then come to Eyecare Plus, and you will be given the best treatments for your different eye health issues.