The Role Of Nutrition In Eye Health: Advice From Calgary Experts

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The human body needs nutrients to stay healthy. Nourishing your eyes with the right nutrients is necessary for healthy vision. In this digital world, maintaining eyesight has become our need due to the dangerous blue light that screens from computers and mobile devices emit.

As per Optometrists Calgary AB following a diet full of nutrients is not enough, eye exams and eye care also plays a significant role in supporting healthy eyes.

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Schedule a visit to an optometrist for personalized advice tailored to your specific needs. Below in this article, you will see how nutrition is helpful for better eye vision.

Optometrist Calgary AB

Understanding the Link Between Nutrition and Eye Health

As per an expert optometrist in Calgary, your eyes need specific nutrients to work optimally and resist age-related issues & degeneration effects. The eye is an important organ that depends on a variety of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants to work properly. Adding extra nutrients to our diet helps in preventing eye diseases such as cataracts.

Key Nutrients for Eye Health

Below you will find key nutrients that doctors recommend for healthy eye

  1. Lutein and Zeaxanthin

Usually added in all eye capsules, medicine, and tablets these antioxidants are extracted from leaves of green vegetables such as spinach. They rack up in the retina and help filter harmful blue light and reduce degeneration of the eye.

  1. Vitamin A

Eye specialists usually recommend Vitamin A to kids so that they can maintain healthy eye vision. It is helpful to produce certain pigments for the retina. It is extracted from milk, eggs, and green vegetables. 

  1. Vitamin C and E

Sourced from citrus fruits such are Orange, Strawberries, Nuts, Seeds and others increase the intake of these nutrients.  Vitamin C and E support the eye from oxidative damage and frequent dryness. 

The Impact of Modern Diets on Eye Health

As per a survey done by a Calgary-based optometrist, modern diets are not beneficial as compared to traditional diets rich in vegetables, fruits, and nuts. They shared that modern diets fall short of providing essential nutrients to kids causing eye issues at an early age. 

They recommend that parents should avoid serving diets high in processed foods and sugars that lack essential nutrients for their kids. They promote the addition of a balanced diet to kids’ meals containing protein, whole grains, and healthy fats. 

Lifestyle Factors and Eye Health

Optometrist Calgary AB shares that a worse lifestyle leads to poor eye health. Not only does nutrition help you maintain a healthy eye but a good lifestyle can also significantly reduce eye issues. They recommend regular exercise, saying no to alcohol and smoking, and wearing sunglasses when out on a sunny day. 

The Role of Hydration

While gyming and sports activities drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. People often ignore keeping their body hydrated to maintain the moisture and health of the eyes leading to dry eyes issues. Dry eyes can cause inflammation, vision loss, and corneal ulcers. So along with taking healthy nutrients drinking adequate water throughout the day can result in better eye health. 

Final Words!

Now you may understand the role of nutrition in eye Health. By switching to a diet rich in nutrients you can support your eye health and overall well-being.