Detecting The Unseen: Early Indicators Of Vision Issues in Children

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Is your child struggling with reading and writing in class? It may be a sign of vision problems. 

Parents often overlook the necessity of healthy vision. Some vision problems in kids are easy to detect but some need a comprehensive eye exam. Kids are innocent and children themselves may not be aware of their struggle. They may share they are blurry or wavy but they can tell about more subtle signs in that case you need to consult an eye specialist.

Being a famous eye clinic Calgary we at Eyecare Plus suggest to parents the best solution to overcome with their kid’s vision issues. Our dedicated team does a comprehensive eye exam to protect your eye for good health and comfort. 

Eye Clinic Calgary

If your kids squint in sunlight or read books very close to their faces you need to consult an eye specialist. Early detection is crucial for effective treatment and can significantly improve a child’s quality of life.

The Unspoken Signs

Children may not openly speak about their vision problem making it challenging for parents to recognize issues with non-verbal cues. The physical actions of the kids such as eye rubbing or squinting and behavioral changes such as a decrease in interest in reading or playing sports may hint you. 

They will not realize why they are doing it but as a parent, you can. There could be different reasons for this unrecognized change in the kids for example Lazy eye. You need to watch for symptoms such as misaligned eyes, persistent eye redness or watering, and unusual pupil size or colour. Physical indicators are often the most noticeable signs of vision issues. 

Behavioural Changes: Subtle Yet Significant

Recognize your kid’s behavioural changes that can indicate vision problems. A child who suddenly shies away from visually demanding tasks or displays increased clumsiness may be experiencing vision difficulties. When your kids begin showing behavioural change in the classroom or do not pay attention to lectures this may sign of inability to see the board in class. 

Vision and Learning are so closely linked that your kid will avoid activities like reading and writing. If you find these indications consult an eye expert to diagnose the issue. 

Academic Alerts: When Grades Tell a Story

A sudden drop in academic performance or reluctance to engage in schoolwork can be a red flag for vision issues. Your kid’s class teacher may complain about inattentiveness in the class. When your kid gets a low grade in the class exam it can be a sign that he/she might be struggling with vision problems. Inattentiveness is not the only reason for a drop in grades but may be low vision. Youngsters may be aware of it and choose not to inform you about their problems.

Social Signals: Seeing Beyond the Playground

Poor vision can also impact social interaction. Difficulties in seeing can lead your kid to withdraw from group activities, sports activities, and peer interactions. If your child struggles with vision problems he/she will not perform their best during sports activities. 

The reasons for it can be lazy eyes, blurry vision or others that affect their perception. A good vision is required to judge the location of the ball, players, and objects in the sports ground. Finding these signs when your kid performs in sports grounds immediate consultation with an eye expert is recommended. 


The journey to safeguarding your children’s vision begins with awareness. To detect the unseen and understand the early indicators of vision issues visit the eye clinic Calgary for a comprehensive eye checkup. It is our responsibility as parents, to observe, and recognize, these signs.