Some Common Winter Eye Problems You Can Suffer From 

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People love winters and often it feels fabulous to spend lovely time outdoors doing exciting winter adventure activities. However, folks sometimes catch eye issues in winters that becomes the great hurdle to enjoy winters whole-heartedly. 

The optometrists Calgary AB talks about these problems and also give essential solutions for the same. So, in this blog, we will explain different eye problems one can go through in cold season. Along with that we will also provide you the expert solutions for the same. Let’s put a look: 

  1. Dry Eyes 

Dry eyes can be the most common problem individuals can face in winters. Also, the heating devices such as heaters and blowers that are used in the winters can cause this problem. The common consequences it leads to are watery eyes, mucus or a burning sensation in the eyes. 

What Can Be Done? 

At first, make sure when you receive heat from the heating gadgets, your eyes are not near to them. Then it is also essential to follow some preventive tricks like for retaining the eye moisture, you can put warm cotton pad on the eyes for the few minutes for protection. 

  1. Infections 

When the needed moisture is lost from the eyes, the chances of infections get becomes multi-fold. This can lead to red eyes which causes itchiness and in that case if the individual do itching on the eyes, it can cause excessive dryness, tearing and eye irritation. 

What Can Be Done? 

Various eye clinic Calgary experts opine that using a humidifier can help in combating the eye infection issues in winters. So, do follow the said technique for the best results. 

  1. Itchiness in the eyes 

Dry weather often cause itchiness and make your eyes to feel difficult to work. And the problem grows when the person rub the eyes more because that is going to make your itchiness problem worse. 

What Can Be Done? 

The key is to keep the eyes hydrated because this will only help to solve the problem. Use hydration drops as these will provide relief to the dry and itchy eyes. 

  1. Light Sensitivity 

Light sensitivity is also the common problem that can harm your eyes. When the amount of light entering into your eyes get increased, our eyes feel tender and sensitive taking so much light into the pupil. This can lead to the condition called as “snow blindness”. 

What Can Be Done? 

The UV protection glasses can help eliminating the light sensitivity and also the drying effects of cold season. 

In Conclusion 

So, these were some of the most common eye issues that people face in the winters. It’s crucial to get prevented from these because this can lead to big fatal issues also sometimes. 

Talk to the best optometrists Calgary AB for the best assistance as they would give you the specialized treatment and guidance for the same such as the experts from the Eye Care Plus Calgary.