Protect Eyes From Makeup: Optometrists Recommendations

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Experts always suggest a range of eye care solutions for different eye problems. However, it is also important to know some valuable tips for how to safeguard eyes from make-up ill effects from the best optometrists Calgary AB

Women love to do eye makeup when they go for casual hang-outs or even if they want to attend formal occasions. Doing a good makeover enhances beauty but also affects your eyes as well. 

So, here in this blog, we will delve into some of the ways how women can remain secure and protect their eyes from eye makeup applications. 

But let’s first see how makeup can irritate the eyes. 

How does Makeup irritate eyes? 

Makeup products are composed using various chemicals that directly and indirectly hurt the eyes. The chemicals that are included are parabens, sulfates, and different fragrances that lead to eye irritation. For instance, when women use mascara or eyeliners, the spills sometimes accidentally spread into the eyes, which can cause damage to the cornea, affecting the eyesight. Hence, we can say that in one or different ways, makeup solutions can affect our eyes. 

Top Tips by Experts Optometrists Calgary ab For Eye Make Up Care 

  1. Keeping Eye Makeup Brushes Clean 

The first thing which is the most crucial one is keeping your eye makeup brushes clean and neat. If the brushes are not in the right condition or are dirty, then these can impact eye health and eye segments badly. 

  1. Applying makeup only outside the eyes 

Women must always apply makeup outside the eyes and try to remain aware so that the makeup might not accidentally fall into the eyes. If the eye makeup clutters into the inner lids, it can build up debris inside and can make the eyes uncomfortable. This can lead to several eye problems. 

  1. Don’t share Makeup 

The optometrists suggest not sharing the make-up products with your sister, best friend, and so on. Because we do have different eye problems using each other products can increase the eye issues possibilities. 

Especially the makeup testers, these must be avoided at full cost to keep eye ailments at bay. 

  1. Do Replace the Make-up Early 

It is always necessary to change the makeup before the expiry date. The products do have the over date, so it’s crucial to consider that. Check the labels before using the products and always sanitize the applicators too when needed. 

  1. Always sleep with eye make-up removed 

Go to bed with make-up fully removed from anywhere. When women sleep with makeup on, they don’t know how many eye complexities they are inviting in. 

Therefore, eye care specialists always say that using natural makeup cleansers is ideal for makeup removal. Invest in the cleanser that don’t hurt and cause any harm to the eyes. 

The Key Takeaway 

So, in the end, it can be said that women should adhere to these eye make-up protection rules. Also, they must use the prescriptive eye drops for the best care.

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