Everything About Eye Twitching: Causes & Symptoms 

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Have you ever experienced the uncontrollable rhythmic twitching of your eyelid? Even though eye twitching is harmless, many people find it annoying and disturbing. And one must not ignore this eye problem because it can sometimes have serious consequences. Whenever you feel that you are experiencing this problem, you should immediately consult the best optometrists from the topmost eye clinic Calgary

Eye Clinic Calgary

Here in this thorough guide, we’ll go into the world of what eye twitching is, covering its causes, symptoms, and possible treatments to educate you on this widespread phenomenon. So, let’s take a look: 

What is Eye Twitching?

Myokymia, another name for eye twitching, is a common and often benign illness marked by spontaneous contractions or spasms of the muscles in the eyelid. Though they can sometimes affect the lower eyelid, these spasms mostly affect the upper eyelid. Many people describe the twitching sensation as a recurring, rhythmic movement that resembles fluttering or pulsing.

Primary Causes of Eye Twitching 

  1. Fatigue 

One of the causes of eye twitching is that it can occur out of fatigue which can be caused to due excessive work pressure, or sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep or tiredness can contribute to eye twitching. 

  1. Excess Consumption of Caffeine 

Excessive consumption of caffeine also leads to eye-fluttering issues. So, it’s better to avoid gulping much of it. 

  1. Stress and Anxiety 

Too much stress and anxiety can lead to muscle spasms including those in the eyelids too. 

  1. Eye Strain 

Prolonged use of screens, reading, and digital devices leads to strain in the eyes which causes eye-twitching issues. 

  1. Nutritional Deficiencies 

Lack of various nutritional elements in the body increases the incidences of eye fluttering, so one must cover up the deficiencies in the body to lower the cause of such kind of eye issues. 

  1. Dry Eyes 

Sometimes the insufficient lubrication of the eyes also causes eyes to flutter. 

Potential Symptoms of This Eye Problem

  1. Rhythmic Pulsing 

It feels as though something is pulsing or fluttering because the twitching frequently follows a regular, repetitive rhythm.

  1. Intermittent Episodes

Twitching of the eyes usually lasts a few seconds or minutes at a time. It could abruptly cease and restart.

  1. Frequency of Occurrence

While some people suffer from the twitching of the eyes regularly, others only sometimes experience it. The frequency varies depending on the individual.

  1. Localised Sensation
    Usually, the twitching is restricted to the eyelid and does not cause the whole eye to move.
  1. Absence of Pain

Most eye twitches are painless. Despite the possibility of modest discomfort, it is usually not accompanied by severe pain.

  1. Visible Movement

If the spasms are severe enough to cause the eyelid to move visibly, then under some situations the twitching may be noticeable to others.

To Summarize 

So, this was a little bit about eye twitching and its potential causes and symptoms. To learn about how it happens and what the essential remedies for the same, you can do that by consulting the expert eye specialists at the best eye clinic Calgary such as Eye Care Plus

Just like each organ of your body, eyes are also of crucial importance to be taken care of because any carelessness towards it can lead to major eye problems.