Eye to Eye: Questions to Ask Your Optometrist

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Preparing for your next scheduled visit to an optometrist? if yes, you must list some important questions to ask the optometrist for better personal care of your eyes. Visiting an eye optometrist is not just about getting the right prescription, but it also allows learning more about your eyes by asking certain necessary questions.  

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Eye Clinic Calgary

Here’s an article structured around key questions that can lead to a deeper understanding and better eye care.

Is My Vision At Its Best?

This is the most common and important question to ask optometrists. An answer to this question by an expert in an eye clinic lets you understand the current state of your eyesight. 

Asking this question allows the optometrist to check whether your vision is optimal or if there is any refractive error that needs to be corrected. Opening a conversation with these questions clears doubts about any subtle changes you might have noticed in your vision.

Could My Lifestyle Be Affecting My Vision?

Experts say following an unhealthy lifestyle such as excessive use of digital devices, poor nutrition and lack of sleep can all negatively impact your eye vision. Asking a vision expert whether your lifestyle factors will affect your vision or not will make you aware of future eye conditions such as dry eye, color blindness and others. 

Answering your questions oculist will help you avoid excessive exposure to blue light from screens, reduce smoking and change your daily habits. Personalized advice will let you mitigate eye health risks such as developing cataracts due to excess smoking. 

What Potential Eye Health Issues Should I Be Aware Of?

Asking this important question allows patients to understand the specific risks to their eye health based on factors like age and family history. Some patient suspects eye disorders if there is a history of glaucoma or other eye diseases in their family. 

They fear risk and thus need to be more aware of their eye health. Optometrists suggest different ways to catch issues and ensure timely treatment. Conversation with experts lets you undergo treatment and manage potential problems early.

How Can I Protect My Eyes Daily?

For healthy eyes, experts suggest following eye protection techniques. Asking an optometrist for eye protection will aware of the benefits of wearing UV-protected sunglasses and using protective eyewear during outer activities. Following the suggestion of an expert will save eyes from the risk of injury. 

Some professional eye experts also suggest taking breaks while working on digital devices to prevent eye strain. Communicating with your optometrist will let you learn best practices for eye protection tailored to your lifestyle and needs.

What Should Be Included In My Eye Care Routine?

Asking your eye expert about your eye care routine will let you understand its importance. To keep eyes healthy follow the eye care routine suggested by an optometrist. Upon asking, the optometrist will recommend regular exercise to reduce eye strain. 

He/she may also give you an example of maintaining good hygiene to prevent infections. Some suggest using artificial tears if a patient has dry eyes and cleaning their contact lenses to avoid irritations. 

How Often Should I Schedule Eye Exams?

Your optometrist may schedule your eye exams depending on health, risk factors and age. Generally speaking about the eye exam schedule experts share that adults and teenagers should have their eyes examined every one to two years if they have no issue. 

Struggling with a serious eye condition visiting for an eye exam after two to three months is necessary. Some optometrists may recommend a different schedule based on your circumstances. Visiting for scheduled eye exams is key to maintaining good vision and detecting any issues early on.


Asking these questions during a visit to the eye clinic Calgary ensures your eyes remain healthy. Regardless of age and eye conditions, you need to schedule for regular visit to the optometrist. The experienced optometrist will check your eyes, suggesting the best solutions.