Crystal Clear Vision: A Guide To Cleaning Your Contact Lenses

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Bought contact lenses to end your vision problems! If yes, you might be struggling to clean them, take care of them, and keep them in good condition for better results and durability. Uncleaned reusable contact lenses may cause your eyes to get infected and itchy. 

As per experts, it is a good practice to clean your lenses after each wear. It does not matter which lenses you wear either disposable or rigid regular cleaning with precaution is vital. 

Being a famous optometrist Calgary AB at Eyecare Plus we sell every contact lens after sharing detailed information about its cleaning and wearing. It helps our clients to stay away from cleaning struggles. To know the best cleaning practice that every contact lens buyer should follow, keep reading the article till the end.

Optometrist Calgary AB 

Wash Your Hands

The first step to follow before cleaning your contact lenses is to wash your hands to avoid any eye infection due to germs on your hands. 

Use mild soap– To clean your hand apply mild soap with warm water to kill bacteria and germs. After washing do not apply any moisturizers or lotions as they can cause irritations in your eyes.  

Remove Your Lenses

Now with wash hands first focus on removing the one contact lens from one eye. Use your finger pad and gently touch the lens, slightly drag it down and then pull it away from the eye. Follow the same process for second eye lens removal.

Putting in contact lens case– To put your lens in case take care that you do not put the right eye lens on the left side of your case. To avoid this mixture first open one side of the case and then the second.

Check any damage- While removing the lens you may cause damage around the edges as they are made of soft material. Wearing damaged lenses will cause uncomfortable to your eyes. Do not wear torn or damaged lenses.

Use Cleaning solution

While purchasing contact lenses there is a need to buy multipurpose or hydrogen peroxide-based solutions. These solutions are the best to disinfect lenses to keep them safe and hygienic. 

Spray solution- To clean lenses place them in your hand and then spray the solution on both sides. Let the excessive solution drain. Gently rub with your fingertip to get your lenses cleaner. Follow this process on both sides flipping it over. 

Rinse it before putting it in case- After rubbing and cleaning it with a hand raise the lenses thoroughly. Check for any remaining grime. If any dust or grim is observed repeat the process once again. 

Store Lenses in Case

Keep your lenses safe by storing them on the appropriate side of the case. Do not keep your case near a toilet or in a humid place inside your home to avoid exposure to microorganisms. 

Pour contact solution into the case– Before storing contact lenses in the case pour the solution in it. It is vital as lenses need to be soaked overnight for better comfort and to avoid irritation. Soak at least for 6 hours to neutralize them.

Other Regular Tips to Follow

  • Do not expose your contact lenses to water. Avoid wearing in the rain, showers, and swimming.
  • Change safety case after every 3 months. 
  • Do not allow anyone to wear your contact lenses. 
  • Stay away from smoke, and air pollution to keep lenses clean. 


By following these types of cleaning guidance shared by any Optometrist Calgary AB before selling lenses, you will not face any issues in cleaning. To keep your eyes healthy and fine following a lens cleaning process is important, especially for regular wearers.