Everything You Should Know About Pink Eye Ailment

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Before visiting the eye clinic Calgary to treat the most common problem these days, which is pink eye or conjunctivitis. There is a need for everyone to know what it is and how it is caused. By learning about that, people will know when they need to see a doctor to treat their common problems.

 Eye Clinic Calgary

So, let’s start by digging deep into that:

What is Pink Eye?

The pink eye problem is also called conjunctivitis, which gets started by irritation of the clear membrane that surrounds the eyelid and the eye. The main membrane that gets affected is referred to as conjunctiva and when the part of the eye starts to get inflamed or swollen then they face this problem. And due to this, the white part of the eye starts to get reddish or pink in color.

Due to this, people start to experience problems in their eyes and usually start to treat them at home, but when they start to face more irritation, they think of consulting the optometrist to prevent the same.

Symptoms of Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis

Let’s start by knowing what the actual symptoms of conjunctivitis are:

The white part of the eye starts to appear pink or red

This is the most common symptom that gets noticeable really quickly and lets people know that they have started getting this problem. The white part of the eye starts to turn red, which causes itching and allergies.

Eye discomfort or irritation

Another symptom by which people get to know they have started experiencing conjunctivitis is that they start to get irritation and start to feel discomfort, which lets them know that in some time they will experience this problem.

Excessive tearing 

This is also one of the symptoms that need to be known by everyone to be aware of the fact that they will surely experience this problem. As they start to experience excessive tears in their eyes at any time.

Eye discharge 

There are several kinds of eye discharge that people might experience depending on the type of pink eye:

Conjunctivitis caused by a virus: Frequently manifests as a clear or watery discharge.

Bacterial conjunctivitis: This condition usually results in a thick discharge that is yellow or green in color and may cause the eyelids to cling together, especially in the morning.

Allergic Conjunctivitis: A clear, stringy discharge is possible.

Now, after knowing about the common symptoms that cause this problem. Let’s have a look at the treatment that is usually recommended by optometrists:

Treatment for Conjunctivitis

People should basically keep the following 3 steps in mind, which we will discuss here, to treat their conjunctivitis well:

Step 1: Get your diagnosis

If people face a lot of pain and irritation in their eyes, then they should surely visit the eye clinic Calgary and get the diagnosis done. By doing that, they first get to know how the problem is caused and which kind of pink eye it is.

Step 2: Take all prescription medications as suggested

After consulting the optometrist, people get to know what kind of medications to use and how to use proper eye drops in order to get relief from pain, itching, and other common things. Through this, it would become convenient for them to treat their pink eye.

Step 3: Should also do home remedies to get relief

Under this, there are a few things that people can do, such as:

  • Always keep your eyes clean: At home, it becomes really important for everyone to keep their eyes clean and wash them regularly. By doing so, their eyes would heal quickly.
  • Get away from dust: The other thing that people can do is keep themselves away from dust by using shades. If they get in contact with that, they have to face itching or irritation that may trouble them more. So, getting away from dust would be a good option to take.


By knowing everything about conjunctivitis, people get to know how they can treat their problem well at home and even by consulting an optometrist. So, if you are suffering from any eye problem, you can consult our experts and get the required eye accessories for your eye-related issues.