Vision Changes During Pregnancy: What To Expect

Optometrist Calgary AB

Sharing pregnancy news with family members, especially with husbands lets women feel like in the other world. The joy of giving birth to a baby is beyond comparison. However, you might struggle if you have blurry vision or vision changes during pregnancy. It occurs due to hormonal changes during gestation. 

Optometrist Calgary AB shares that it is imperative to consult an eye specialist to know the reason behind blurriness during pregnancy. At Eyecare Plus we boost the confidence of our clients who are facing vision issues during pregnancy. We educate them that these unexpected changes in their vision might be temporary because usually, blurry vision is not a sign of permanent eye issues. 

Optometrist Calgary AB

If you are pregnant and facing vision changes then you must read this article to anticipate vision changes that may happen during the 9 months of pregnancy.

Expect Dry Eyes Issues

When struggling with vision changes during pregnancy you may get through dry eyes. Having eyes drier than regular can make your contact lenses irritating. First, consult an eye specialist who will recommend a permanent solution to end your difficulties. 

Increase intake of water-based food. Specialists usually recommend using preservative-free artificial tears which keep eyes wet and reduce dryness. Some eye experts share that this dryness is temporary and will end after women give birth to a baby. 

Expect Blurry Vision

Another change that you can expect in your vision changes during pregnancy is blurry vision. If you notice a vision change it might be due to a sudden change in hormones. 

Don’t bother yourself if you have a distorted vision during gestation. Consult an eye doctor if you notice your vision has got blurry and change in current prescription eyeglasses. Eye experts might advise not to reassess the prescription until you give birth to a baby. However, if a blurry vision is causing difficulty in reading and driving then your optometrist may prescribe temporary corrective glasses. 

Expect Puffy eyelids 

Your face beauty may lessen if you have puffy eyelids during pregnancy. Having puffiness around the eyes during pregnancy is not to be bothered. It might be temporary and may be caused by water hormonal changes and water retention. 

But you need to consult your eye specialist as mild puffiness can create irritation in the eyes. If you are facing severe issues such as headaches with puffiness immediately visit your doctor. The eye specialist will recommend drinking plenty of water and following a cold compress over your closed eyes to diminish the effect of puffiness. 

Any Other Changes During Pregnancy?

Yes, except above given changes pregnant women face other difficulties with their vision. Some face flashing lights and spots which usually occur due to high blood pressure. In some cases, eye specialists observe reduce in cornea which occurs late in pregnancy. Visual disturbances from migraines and central serous chorioretinopathy are some other serious changes that pregnant women can expect.

Final Words!

Staying healthy during pregnancy should be your top priority. Optometrist Calgary AB shares that some changes in women’s bodies during gestation are normal, but you should worry if you experience severe symptoms related to your eyesight during this precious time of life.