Seeing Clearly: Common Misconceptions About Eye Health Debunked 

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Misconceptions and myths are always formed about various things and eye health is no exception. The eyes are one of the most delicate organs of our body and are our door to see the world. People take various precautions to take care of their eye health such as putting on safety glasses or using eye drops to remove dust particles. It’s important to invest in eye care and take the necessary steps to improve one’s vision as well. 

However, people have made some false beliefs among themselves regarding eye health. Some people don’t know to how much extent the eye care myths are true or not or some don’t want to differentiate between fact and fiction. It’s advisable to ask your concerned optometrist Calgary AB for the right care tips that are crucial for optimal eye health. Here in this blog, we will burst those misconceptions that people have about eye care. 

Let’s dive into it 

Myth 1: Eating Carrots can improve vision 

This is one of the most common beliefs people have that carrots can improve vision. While it can be true to some extent, it completely cannot replace optometrist appointments and other healthy habits. Carrots do have Vitamin A which is good for eyesight but these could be a good source to boost your eye health but cannot treat blurred vision. 

Myth 2: Eye Exercises can replace glasses 

Some Optometrists suggest using eyeglasses as well as doing eye exercises for enhancing visual acuity. While eye exercises foster your eye health and help in overcoming headache triggers that occur due to weak eyesight. But these cannot wholly enhance one’s vision. Specific eye exercises make your eye muscles strong that don’t let any kind of eye strain hurt your vision. 

Myth 3: Wearing Eye Glasses weakens eyes 

The eyeglasses don’t weaken your eyes, instead, they make your eyes more strong. As no strain would be imposed on your eyes while you read or work wearing safety eyeglasses, so you tend to save your eyes from other various eye ailments.  

Myth 4: Wearing someone’s eyeglasses can damage your vision 

You might have heard it from your parents saying that don’t put on your glasses otherwise it will affect your vision. While wearing someone’s eyeglasses with the wrong prescription can make your eyes uncomfortable and irritated but there is no possibility that it can damage your vision. 

Myth 5: Only Older People have to worry about eye health 

Eye health is important at every stage of life. While certain eye conditions get more serious with age but it’s not that only old aged people have to care about their eyes. In fact, juveniles are now suffering from potential eye problems more than aged people as they use screens more. 

The Key Takeaway 

In a world where misinformation is normally spread, it’s vital to be aware of the true facts about everything. For eye care, it is suggested to ask your expert optometrist Calgary AB for your needed eye care tips depending on the eye issues you have. Don’t let these myths blur your mind and for the best eye care guidance, meet Eye Care Plus optometrists now located in Calgary.