Does Smoking Put Eye Health At Risk? Let’s Reveal  

Does Smoking Put Eye Health At Risk? Eye Clinic Calgary

Have you ever heard the bad effects of smoking, if not then we will explain those in this blog. 

Smoking is a habit that can slowly ruin your health in lots of ways like your lungs will get weak or your eye vision can get impaired. 

When someone smoke cigarettes, it damages several things inside including also weakening the mental health of the person, as opined by various eye clinic Calgary experts. 

Let’s get to know how smoking affects eye health in different ways: 

Smoking cigarettes can put bad impact on 

  • Retina: The delicate and the light-sensitive part of the eye inside. 
  • Lens: It’s the part of the eye that allows the light to pass to the retina and allows eyes to focus on the objects at varying distances. 
  • Macula: It’s the utterly sensitive part of the eye and is the part of the eye that enhances sharp vision. 

Different Ways Smoking Affect Eyes 

  1. Higher Risk of Cataracts

Smoke can increase the chances of cataract which is the leading cause of blindness. With this habit, the problem can be increased by triple times. 

Different studies have shown that cigarette smoke contributes to altering the eye’s cells that cause oxidation and accumulation of heavy metals in the lens. 

  1. Uveitis 

Another way how smoke disturb eye health is by causing Uveitis. The smokers are more likely to develop inflammation issue in the eye’s middle layer than the non-smokers which cause this issue. 

Then the eye structures are harmed including the iris and retina that leads to the bigger eye complications. 

  1. Optic Nerve Damage 

The job of optic nerves is to transmit visual signals to the brain from the eyes. When a person smoke, it leads to the optical nerve damage which also sometimes become the main cause of glaucoma issue in the eyes.

The optic nerve damage results in various severe eye issues like intraocular pressure, oxidative stress and so on. 

  1. Graves’ Disease 

Persons can also catch graves’ disease that is the disease of body’s thyriod gland, different optometrists Calgary AB says. The main symptom of this eye issue is bulging eyes and this eye issue makes eyes health more worse then ever. With this, folks also sometimes can lose their vision. 

  1. Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) 

AMD is also caused due to smoke which is the main contributor towards weaker eye health. This can also make a person blind. This eye ailments gets started with the symptoms of blind spots, then after sometime, the faces become harder to recognize. 

Passive Smoking: Does It also Affect Eyes? 

Passive smoking which is also called as secondhand smoking or the Environmental Tobacco Smoke ( ETS ) is really very harmful to the eyes. The person who resides with the smoker all the time is said to be the passive smoker and directly or indirectly, he or she is affected by the active smoker. The ways in which the passive smoker can get affected is: 

# Irritation & Discomfort 

# Aggravation of Allergic Conjunctivitis 

# Worsening of the pre-existing eye conditions. 

In Conclusion 

Hence, these are some of the intriguing ways how smoke impacts eye health in the negative way. The only solution to inclining eye health diseases due to smoke is by leaving this habit, though gradually.

Consult the best eye clinic Calgary physicians at Eye Care Plus, for making your eye health better which got worse due to smoking. 

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