Do Eyeglasses Play A Role in Causing Eye Bags? Let’s Know

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Eye accessories have now become a common staple among people. Because there is a vast variety of eyeglasses that are now used for a multiplicity of purposes. 

You can classify the categories based on usage and purpose as some use spectacles for combating vision issues while some wear them to remain classy and active. The best optometrist Calgary AB will guide you regarding the ideal one for your eyes. 

However, a few concerns often come from people that wearing eyeglasses causes eye bags, how true it is, we will get to know in this blog. So, let’s embark on:

Understanding Eye Bags 

Eye bags also called Periorbital puffiness or swelling, often occur when the tissues around the eyes get swell and retain fluid. This leads to a puffy appearance and makes the eyes look bad. The most common reasons behind the occurrence of eye bags are: 

  • Aging, as we age the eyes lose elasticity and collagen causing sagging and puffiness. 
  • Sometimes the eye bags are caused due to heredity effects. 
  • Lack of sleep, allergies, and dehydration are also the reasons. 
  • Smoking and alcohol are also the leading causes of dark under the eyes. 
  • Worrying, depression, anxiety, and stress. 

It’s not the glasses only but other factors that contribute to eye puffiness. It is important to mention here that eyeglasses are not a direct cause of eyebags, it is the carelessness of the person who is wearing them. However, some eyeglasses factors can cause this problem. 

Let’s now delve into the relationship between eyeglasses and puffy eyes underneath. From this clarification, you will get to know how eye glasses are not the direct cause of eye puffiness. 

Relationship Between Eye Glasses & Eye Bags 

# 1 People get pressure marks on the nose and also around the eyes from wearing glasses. 

These pressure marks are temporary and harmless. These get removed after a certain time and do not contribute to eye puffiness. 

#2  Eye strains are caused due to the prolonged use of digital devices. People often say that with spectacles, eyes get puffy. 

But this is due to the extended use of screens, and digital gadgets that can cause eye strain and make eyes appear tired and puffy. 

#3 It happens at times that people don’t use the right eye frames due to which they develop issues like too much pressure on the eyes which causes eye bags. 

So, one must choose for lightweight and properly fitted frames that minimize the issue of eye bags.

Tips To Prevent Eye Bags By Eye Clinic Calgary Experts  

  • Follow A Good Lifestyle 
  • Manage Allergies & Eye Issues 
  • Practice Good Eye Care Habits 
  • Consider Taking Eye Care Treatments Frequently 
  • Follow Medications As Advised By Doctors 
  • Go For Eye Exams More Often 

In Conclusion 

Hence, from the above discussion, we can deduce that eyeglasses are not the mere reason for the causation of eye bags but yes it is our lifestyle and habits that play a prominent role in causing this problem. So, it’s beneficial to follow a healthy lifestyle. 

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